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Does Malta allow dual citizenship with the US?

Yes, Malta allows dual citizenship with the United States (and many other countries), which is one of the reasons the Malta citizenship program is so popular with our US clients. In fact, we specialize in assisting American applicants, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. With a proven track record of success, we have helped numerous American investors and their families achieve Malta citizenship and residency as our team, including our Los-Angeles based staff available during US business hours, is well-versed in the intricacies of US-Malta legal procedures.

Why is the Malta citizenship by investment program so popular with US citizens? Keeping your original passport and also receiving the passport of Malta means you now are free to travel, live, work, study, or retire anywhere in America and anywhere in Europe - the two most powerful and economically advanced regions in the world today!

However, while dual citizenship with the US and many other countries is allowed, please check with your own country as some countries, such as China, for example, do not permit their citizens to hold a second nationality and passport.

In Malta, dual citizenship has been legal for many years. Malta citizenship can be obtained by birth, registration, naturalisation, or by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment, i.e., the popular Malta citizenship by investment program. Likewise, the US allows dual citizenship and does not require US citizens to give up their citizenship when receiving citizenship of another country.

Applicants and their families can receive Malta dual citizenship status if their country of origin allows holding multiple citizenships. The cost of applying for Malta citizenship is at least €632,000 plus fees and a purchase or rental of Malta real estate.

The Maltese government places no restrictions on holding both Maltese citizenship and the citizenship of another country. This means you can enjoy the benefits and freedoms of holding two passports (dual citizenship). And because Malta is a member of the European Union, Malta citizens enjoy the freedoms of European citizens. 

Obtaining Maltese citizenship offers numerous advantages, such as the freedom to travel, reside, work, and pursue education throughout the European Union. The prestigious EU passport facilitates international travel such as visa-free access to more than 180 countries, including popular destinations like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Malta citizenship also means you and your family will receive access to free healthcare and free world-class education, including graduate-level studies at the renown University of Malta.

Moreover, Maltese citizenship is considered a key component of a comprehensive wealth preservation strategy. Executives, investors, and global entrepreneurs see the European passport and Maltese residency as a strategic asset, providing security in uncertain times and ensuring continued access to opportunities worldwide.


Can U.S. citizens apply for dual citizenship? Yes, United States citizens can retain their US passport when acquiring Maltese citizenship since Malta permits applicants to maintain their original citizenship. Through the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Service by Direct Investment program, foreign individuals can qualify for Malta citizenship (the passport) after only 12 months in residency status without the need to live in Malta year-round. US applicants have the freedom to decide whether to retain their US citizenship or renounce it once they have obtained Maltese citizenship. It is advisable for applicants from other countries to consult their respective governments to verify if dual citizenship is permitted, as while most countries do not impose restrictions on obtaining a second nationality, certain countries prohibit their citizens from holding a second passport.

Main Points: Malta Dual Citizenship

  1. Malta allows dual citizenship
  2. US citizens can keep the US passport
  3. Dual citizenship extends to families
  4. Most countries allow dual nationality
  5. Some countries prohibit dual passports

Because immigration by investment programs can change over time please contact us to speak with an advisor or to receive a preliminary quotation. The information provided in this blog post is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal or financial advice.

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