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Malta citizenship for investors and their families.
Live and work in the European Union.

To support the country's economy, Malta, located south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, is offering Maltese citizenship, i.e. the Malta passport, considered one of the strongest in the world, to foreign investors.

Malta citizens can benefit from a wide range of world-class social services, including free education and healthcare. Because Malta is a member of the European Union (EU), a passport from Malta conveys rights and privileges similar to the passports of Germany, France, or any other EU country. As such, Malta passport holders may live, work or study in any country belonging to the European Union.

International business executives, investors, VIPs as well as affluent citizens worldwide consider Malta citizenship a powerful asset and safety net should the living conditions at home become unfavorable, or to obtain a prestigious second passport to facilitate international travel. Because Malta allows dual citizenship, most applicants retain the citizenship of their home country in addition to receiving a second passport from Malta (EU).

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Investment Amounts and Fees

Malta's citizenship by investment program, the "Malta Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulations", also referred to as the "Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalisation (MEIN)", requires three main types of expenses: government-mandated investments/donations, government application fees, and service provider legal fees.

The applicant makes the required investments after receiving the citizenship approval in principle, and residing in Malta continuously during or after the residency period is not a requirement to receive citizenship.

The total number of citizenship certificates granted is limited to 400 per year. Please contact us to receive a detailed quotation.


  1. Malta Exceptional Direct Investment (non-refundable donation to the Malta government): 
    1. Main applicant: Choose between EUR 600,000 (36 months residency period) or EUR 750,000 (12 months residency period)
    2. Each dependent (if any): EUR 50,000
  2. Malta Philanthropic Donation: 
    1. Main applicant only: EUR 10,000
  3. Malta Property Investment (minimum 5 year holding period): 
    1. Main applicant only: Choose between a property purchase at EUR 700,000 or a property rental at EUR 16,000 per year
  4. Malta Government Fees:
    1. Residence permit fee, main applicant: EUR 5,000. Each dependent (if any): EUR 1,000
    2. Residence card: EUR 27.50 per card
    3. Citizenship eligibility due diligence fee, main applicant: EUR 15,000. Each dependent age 12 and over (if any): EUR 10,000
    4. Citizenship eligibility administrative fee, each applicant: EUR 1,000
    5. Citizenship administrative fee, each applicant: EUR 500
  5. Legal Fees: 
    1. Depending on the number of family members to be included. Please ask us about a custom quotation for you / your family.

If the price seems seems high, remember: Financial investments can go to zero. The freedom of a second passport pays dividends forever!

The Benefits of Malta Citizenship

Many affluent citizens around the world consider the passport of an EU member country a powerful tool for international tax planning and to provide their families with a better quality of life.

Because Malta allows dual citizenship, most applicants retain the citizenship of their home country in addition to receiving a second passport from Malta (EU).

Applicants realize that the Maltese citizenship can provide several benefits, including:

  • Visa free travel to over 180 countries, including the USA, Canada, and Europe
  • Living or retiring in a safe country with a warm climate
  • A better education for the applicant’s children
  • Children and grand children gain visa free travel and the right to live, work, or study in many countries
  • A better quality of life for the family, including better healthcare and an unpolluted environment
  • Relatively low real estate prices
  • Personal security
  • Tax advantages
  • Freedom associated with having dual citizenship / a second passport
  • Applicants are not required to continuously live in Malta before or after citizenship approval

Free Movement of Persons

The Malta citizenship program extends to the entire family for future generations. This includes not only the main applicant but also a spouse or long-term partner (of any gender), children, parents, and grandparents. All family members covered by the program have the freedom to travel, reside, and work without constraints within the European Union.

Free Movement of Goods & Services

Malta citizens and their affiliated companies enjoy the advantage of being able to seamlessly offer their products and services throughout the European Union member states. This unrestricted market access provides a significant opportunity for business expansion and collaboration within the EU, fostering economic growth and enhancing the competitive edge of Maltese entrepreneurs and enterprises on the European stage.

Free Movement of Capital

Holders of a Malta passport benefit from a range of financial and investment opportunities within the European Union. With the privilege of being able to transfer funds seamlessly between EU member states, Malta passport holders have the flexibility to manage their finances efficiently across borders. Additionally, they enjoy the freedom to purchase property in any EU country of their choice, providing them with diverse real estate investment options and the ability to establish residences according to personal preferences.

Attractive Tax System

Malta stands out as a compelling financial center, drawing attention for its highly advantageous tax system and strategic geographical position at the nexus of three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia. The combination of these factors makes Malta an ideal destination for individuals and businesses seeking favorable tax conditions and a strategic location for international trade and commerce.

The favorable tax system in Malta encompasses various incentives and exemptions, contributing to the nation's appeal as a financial hub. Applicants are advised to secure the services of an independent tax specialist. Should you require assistance in this regard, we would be glad to facilitate an introduction to reputable tax specialists familiar with Malta's tax landscape.

High Standard of Living

Holders of Malta residency or citizenship enjoy an elevated standard of living, attributed to their access to esteemed private schools, reliable private medical facilities, and Malta's standing with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. In Malta, a harmonious coexistence prevails among multiple cultures, fostering a peaceful and inclusive community. The unpolluted air, codified property rights, and the freedom of expression contribute to the well-rounded quality of life that residents and citizens experience in Malta.

Because of the country's history as a former British colony the Maltese school system reflects the British structure. There are two school categories: state schools and private schools. State schools are free to all students (including free transportation and free books), while private schools such as international schools charge tuition fees. Attending the renowned University of Malta for an undergraduate or graduate/post-graduate degree is free for Malta citizens and their children.

Visa Free Travel

Possessing a Malta passport offers a range of travel advantages, eliminating the need for a visa when traversing within the European Union. This facilitates seamless travel experiences for Malta passport holders, allowing them to explore the diverse landscapes, cultures, and opportunities that the EU member states have to offer. Additionally, Malta passport holders also enjoy visa-free travel to numerous non-EU countries, providing them with global mobility and accessibility.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Application Procedure Step by Step

Step #1: Application Start
The applicant retains our government-licensed immigration attorney to represent him/her throughout the application procedure.

Step #2: Residency Application
The applicant receives Malta residency status. Residency is issued in about two weeks and is valid for up to 36 months.

Step #3: Citizenship Eligibility Application
The Malta government determines if the applicant is eligible for Malta citizenship.

Step #4: Citizenship Application
Upon eligibility approval, the government processes the citizenship application and issues a conditional Approval in Principle.

Step #5: Investments 
Upon citizenship approval, the applicant makes all required investments and fulfills all conditions, such as renting or buying a property.

Step #6: Oath of Allegiance
The applicant takes the oath and receives the Certificate of Naturalization / Malta passport.

Malta Citizenship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are select questions frequently asked about the Maltese citizenship by investment program. If you don't find your answers here, please contact us at your convenience. Click here for a long version of all FAQs.

Q: Are your attorneys licensed by the Malta government?
A: Yes. Our immigration attorneys are licensed "Authorized Registered Mandatories" as designated by the Government of Malta (Aġenzija Komunita' Malta). Applicants are not permitted to file residency or citizenship applications themselves due to the complexities involved in preparing all government-mandated application forms.

Applications may only be submitted to the Malta government by an agent licensed by the Community Malta Agency. Feel free to peruse the profiles of our attorneys.

Q: What is the minimum investment required to obtain the Malta citizenship?
A: Applicants under the Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulation are required to make a one-time financial commitment in support of the economic development of Malta. 

Citizenship is available to qualified investors for a contribution, meaning a non-refundable donation, in the amount of EUR 600,000 (36 months residency option) or EUR 750,000 (12 months residency option) plus government application charges and legal fees.

In addition, the main applicant must make a philanthropic donation in the amount of EUR 10,000 to a registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare or artistic non-governmental organization.

Further, the main applicant must establish a residence in Malta through either (a) purchasing real estate valued at no less than EUR 700,000 or (b) renting a property at no less than EUR 16,000 per year.

NOTE: The contribution/investment needs to be made only after the government has issued the Citizenship Approval in Principle. In other words, no investments need to be made before the citizenship application is approved.

Please use our contact form to receive a detailed cost estimate.

Q: How will new citizens be taxed?
A: In general, Malta taxation is only based on domicile (your permanent home), and not on residency or citizenship status.

Under Maltese Law, at birth you automatically acquire your domicile status (Domicile of Origin) from your father. If your father later changes his domicile to a new location (Domicile of Choice), yours automatically changes to this new location as well. On attaining the age of 18, you are allowed to acquire a new domicile of choice, but there is no such requirement.

This means if you don’t make Malta your domicile, then only income and capital gains generated from activities inside Malta are fully taxable. Income arising outside of Malta and not sent to Malta is not taxable. In addition, capital gains arising outside of Malta even if brought into Malta are not taxable for non-domiciled residents.

In other words, tax is due only on (a) income generated inside of Malta, (b) capital gains arising inside of Malta, and (c) income generated outside of Malta and remitted to Malta.

Other Tax Considerations:

  • No inheritance or death taxes
  • No estate duty
  • No net worth or wealth taxes
  • No municipal taxes, rates or real estate taxes

Because taxation is a serious matter, we recommend conferring with your trusted tax advisor.

Q: Can I include my family with my Malta citizenship application?
A: Yes. The main applicant for Maltese citizenship may include a spouse or long-term partner (gender neutral), children under 18 years of age, financially dependent adult children under the age of 29, and parents and grandparents over the age of 55.

Q: Will my citizenship expire?
A: No. When you acquire Malta citizenship you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent.

Q: Do I need to move to Malta or live in Malta for a minimum number of days during the year to qualify for residency or citizenship?
A: No. Applicants do not need to move to Malta or live in the country for a full year to satisfy the one year (or three year) residency requirement when applying for citizenship. Instead, an applicant can meet the requirement by proving a genuine link with Malta as evidenced by, for example, several visits per year, showing water and electricity bills, having a club membership, engaging in any business activity in Malta, and similar. Our attorneys will assist you to be in full compliance with Maltese regulations.

Q: How long does the application processing take until I get citizenship?
A: In general, application processing can take as little as 12 to 18 months. The Malta citizenship application process is performed in two stages: the first stage is Malta residency, the second stage is Malta citizenship.

The residency stage takes approximately 15 working days to process, after which residency status is conferred upon the applicant. The main applicant and any dependents are provided with an E-Residence document which is equivalent to a Schengen Visa, granting Malta residency and borderless travel to all Schengen countries.

After you receive residency status your assigned attorney will work with you on preparing your citizenship eligibility application. The application can be filed immediately after you have been in residency status for 12 months or 36 months, depending on your choice of investment option.

Lastly, processing times also depend on how fast the applicant can provide supporting documentation.  

Q: Can you help me find suitable real estate in Malta?
A: Yes. Feel free to browse available properties with pictures and prices on our Malta real estate page.

In addition, we offer a full range of professional real estate services to buyers; please request our "Malta Real Estate Services" brochure for details.

Further, we are associated with licensed real estate agencies and developers in Malta and can help you find a property that fulfills all application requirements. We will ensure that your preferred property meets the minimum standards of your residency or citizenship application as many properties currently do not meet these requirements. Having rented or bought a property that does not meet the government regulation can lead to a lot of frustration and additional expenses when trying to bring such a property up to code.  

Our professional relationships in Malta guarantee to our clients a smooth, comprehensive service that includes identifying suitable properties, providing transport for property viewings, drafting/reviewing legal contracts, and/or liaising with local notaries and architects as needed.

When you decide on a property for purchase we can set up a Power of Attorney to appear on your behalf without the need for you to travel to Malta to finalize the transaction.

Q: How soon can I sell my Malta real estate?
A: The property needs to be held for five years. After this period, property in Malta can be sold completely exempt from tax if it has been held for three years as the resident’s sole and ordinary residence. If the property is sold before having been used as the resident’s sole residence for three years, a final property tax of 12% is chargeable on the selling price.

Q: Do I need to invest in a Malta company and create jobs to qualify for the program?
A: No. Unlike other programs such as the EB-5 Investor Visa in the United States, Malta has no requirements to invest in a business or create new jobs.

Q: Will the Malta citizenship automatically grant me European citizenship?
A: Yes. Because Malta is a member of the European Union its citizens are automatically European citizens, which means you are allowed to live, work or study anywhere in Europe.

However, please note that the total number of citizenships (total number of passports) the Maltese government has made available under the new regulation is limited to only 400 per year! If you are ready to file an application please contact us for additional information. 

Q: What is the difference between the Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulation and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)?
A: The Malta Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulation (Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalisation / MEIN) is a program that offers qualified applicants, including EU nationals and non-EU nationals, Malta residency and citizenship (the Malta passport) in return for a one-time contribution to the Malta economy as outlined in the section "Investment Amounts and Fees" above.

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP), on the other hand, leads to permanent residency, meaning the permission to live in Malta as long as desired, and visa-free travel to all European countries within the Schengen area for 90 out of 180 days. The application process usually takes 4 to 6 months, but it does not lead to the Maltese (EU) citizenship or the Malta passport. Residents may file a citizenship application after 6 years in residency status, but there is no guarantee that an approval will be granted, and approvals typically take 10 to 15 years.

For additional information about Malta's residency programs please visit our Malta Residency page.

Q: What is Malta's position on fintech / crypto-currency / blockchain technology?
A: Malta is fast establishing itself as the premier destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The government's regulatory framework will cover traders, asset management, and exchange platforms, thus making Malta the world’s friendliest jurisdiction for the sector. Our associated crypto / blockchain professionals are published experts in this field who can advise you on best practices for fintech-related topics in Malta. Please use our fintech contact form for additional information. 

Q: What does "Schengen Area" mean?
A: Malta residency/citizenship allows you to travel without restrictions across the "Schengen Area" of the European Union. The Schengen zone is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders. It functions as a single country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. Source: Wikipedia

Q: Will I be able to travel to the United States with the Malta passport?
A: Yes. The Malta passport will allow you to travel to the U.S. under the visa waiver program which allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the United States without a visa for stays of 90 days or less. Source: U.S. Government

Please contact us for a detailed cost estimate or confidential consultation in person, or by phone, Zoom, or email. Our attorneys are ready to assist you with attaining your investment objectives and answer any questions you might have about immigrating to Malta.

Welcome to a Better Life in Europe!

The Malta residency and citizenship by investment programs are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure the future of you and your family in Europe.

The European passport and Malta residency status offer applicants an alternative should the living conditions at home become unfavorable, or to obtain a prestigious second passport to facilitate international travel.

We will guide you to receiving Malta residency or citizenship, leading to a life enriched by cultural diversity, political stability, world-class healthcare, superior education, and financial opportunity with a prestigious (second) passport from the EU.

Contact us now get answers to your questions, receive a preliminary quotation, and start your journey to a better lifestyle for generations to come. You can reach us by email, phone, chat, and Zoom. If you prefer an in-person meeting with our government-licensed immigration attorneys at our offices, please inform us of your travel dates, and we will schedule an appointment.

We usually reply by email within one hour or less, including weekends and holidays.

Malta (EU) Citizenship & Residency 2024
The "Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations" and the "Malta Permanent Residence Programme", Malta's citizenship and residency by investment programs, are still open and accepting new applications.


Please select which program you are interested in.
Our staff in Malta and in the United States will reply by email, usually within 30 minutes, 24 hours/day. Please note that we cannot assist with asylum cases, tourist visas, passport renewals, or job referrals.

 I am interested in the Malta (EU) Citizenship program (dual passport option) from €632,000 plus fees and property rental (or purchase). (CES/MEIN)

 I am interested in the Malta Permanent Residency program starting from €70,000 plus fees and property rental (or purchase). (MPRP)

 I am interested in the Malta (EU) 1-year residency visa at a cost of €15,000 each year plus fees and property rental (or purchase). (GRP)

 I am a citizen of an EU member country. I am interested in Malta (tax) residency for EU nationals. (TRP/OR)

 I am interested in the Digital Nomad visa / Startup visa / Retirement visa for pensioners. (Please specify in the comment box below.)

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